work with me


I believe everyone is special and have their own unique health related cirumstnaces and goals. I offer 1:1 coaching sessions that ensure these individual needs are leading on the path to a successful outcome. 


bloom foundation

A wonderful and transformative 1:1 coaching package for those looking to get the foundations of living well and develop/obtain more knowledge on how to nourish yourself and bloom. Perfect for those wanting accountability and to create a lifestyle transformation and those ready to recommit to their wellbeing.


food-mood diary consultation

A consultation focusing solely on food journal and eating habits, for those wanting to eat better to feel better, but are confused and unsure on where to start. 

pantry revamp - eat and bloom.jpg

pantry revamp

Health coaching in practice! One-off fun and educational session, when we go through your kitchen cupboards and fridge to identify the foods to keep and foods to swap.