Recipe Share: Vegan Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie


recipe share: vegan sweet potato pie

Do you know where Shepherd's pie came from?

It most likely originated in northern England/ Scotland (some say in Ireland too) around 18th/ 19th century - around the time when potatoes became widely available and 'accepted' in the UK. There are a few variations of the pie (mostly depending on the meat used), but I will not bore you with that :) (you're welcome).

If you're craving some hearty foods or coming over to the UK for a visit, rest assured that you will certainly find it on the menu in any decent English or Irish pub. Original Shepherd's pie is made with lamb (hence the name), but a vegetarian or vegan versions are often called 'shepherdless pie'. Shepherdless pie is one of my most favorite foods during the cooler seasons - hearty, comforting, one-dish type meal, and easy to make for the whole family (toddlers and babies included). Plus, you can experiment with what you use as a filling - you can't go wrong with variety of veggies, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Check out this amazing and simple vegan pie recipe by Deliciously Ella ; perfect for those colder and darker evenings (pairing with a glass of red wine strongly recommended). For full recipe, head over to Deliciously Ella site.

Why I love this recipe

  • for hearty and protein-rich beans

  • added mushrooms - simply powerhouse. To pick a couple of benefits: rich in folate (necessary for pregnant women) and other vitamin Bs, which is important for vegetarians/vegans

  • for sweet potato goodness - fiber, iron, calcium, selenium, vitamin C and beta-carotene

  • a forgiving recipe - you can play around with spices and add extra/swap veggies for even more nutritional value (e.g. I added some leek, zucchini, aubergine or carrots to some of my previous versions).

Photo credit: Deliciously Ella