Recipe Share: Turmeric Blueberry Muffins


recipe share: turmeric blueberry muffins

They are delicious. They are easy to make. They are a perfect healthier treat.

I've made these beauties with my toddler on a  rainy Sunday recently and they went down a treat! If you're into turmeric or blueberries (or both), you will love these.

The recipe is quite forgiving and the Green Kitchen Stories included lots of tips and notes on how to make the muffins. My daughter (3.5 yr old at the time of making them) was very excited to help me make the batter. Anything with the word 'muffins' (or 'baking') definitely spikes up the excitement level in our house :) The enthusiasm of baking together lasted 10 minutes or so (she got distracted with pots and pans in her mini kitchen), but it was fun nonetheless. Bonus, our version of the muffins was vegan (so no raw eggs), and we both could taste the batter as we went ;)

The smell around the kitchen was incredible and we all tried a muffin each pretty much right after opening the oven. We also had some for breakfast the next day - perfect balance of nourishing and sweet, with a cup of earl grey. The recipe makes a large batch and I froze half of it to enjoy later. Don't you love it?! Make once, eat twice!

Go on and check out the full recipe on  Green Kitchen Stories blog.

PS- If you are thinking of skipping the granola topping, please don't. You will love the crunchy sweet oats addition.

Why I love this recipe

  • perfect balance of flavors - turmeric, banana, blueberries

  • don't feel too sweet and there's no added sugar; sweetened only with small amount of dates or honey (plus bananas)

  • eating them for breakfast and sharing with kids feels good :)

  • healthy and fun baking experience with my toddler