Quick Healthier Oatmeal Cookies

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Quick Healthier Oatmeal Cookies

If you are a fan of soft oatmeal cookies and want to make them slightly healthier, keep reading!

These are perfect for an afternoon snack or with your mid- morning coffee. Also, great for kids and easy to pack and take with you on the go. The cookies are packed with protein, healthy fiber and are relatively low in added sugar (non refined coconut sugar).

Makes around 11-12 medium size cookies.


1 chia egg ( which is 1 tbsp of chia seeds + 3 tbsp of water)

1 cup gluten-free oats

1/2 cup almond flour

1/4 cup of coconut sugar

1/4 cup of protein powder (unflavored is best)

5 tbsp of coconut oil

2 tbsp of dried cranberries or raisins (or dried apricots!)


Set oven to 180C. Prepare chia egg by mixing chia seeds and water. Let it sit stirring regularly for around 5 minutes.

Add oats, almond flour and coconut sugar. Mix all to combine well. Add coconut oil and protein, and mix again. If the mixture seems to crumbly or dry, add 2-3 tbsp of water (start with 1 and add more if needed). You’re looking for thick/ semi dry cookie dough consistency, but something that will stick together when you form a ball.

Scoop out the dough (approx. 1 tbsp per cookie), form balls and flatten them on the tray lined wit baking paper. Bake for around 12 minutes and let them cool before transferring (or eating!).