Harissa & Miso Beans on Toast

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Harissa & Miso Beans on Toast

When you feel like ….: something different, something filling or like a protein packed breakfast that isn’t smoothie or eggs, try this immediately! Seriously, it must be one of my favorite new speedy meals- it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Why you’ll love this recipe

  • Takes just 10 mins to make

  • Packed with plant-based protein and fiber

  • Full of flavor and spice

  • Extra gut friendly ingredients

  • Beans! (my love for beans goes deep ;-)

You can also have it easily prepped for your work lunch- pack the beans and dressing separately, make the toast at work and voila!

Serving: serves 2.


For the beans:

1 cup of butter beans (or cannelloni beans)

1 tbsp of olive oil or avocado oil

3-4 mushrooms (sliced thinly)

1/2 - 1 tsp of harissa paste

1 tsp of tamari soy sauce

dash of water

2-3 sun-dried tomatoes, cut into small pieces

salt, pepper to taste

For the sauce:

2 full tbsp of soy yoghurt (or any unsweetened yoghurt)

1 tbsp of sweet miso paste

1/4 tsp of harissa paste

2 tbsp of warm water


Warm up a pan and add some olive oil. Add mushrooms, add salt and pepper and sauté for a few minutes on medium to high heat until mushrooms soften. Add the beans and stir well. Add harissa paste, soy sauce and sun-dried tomatoes and let it sautéed for a couple of more minutes. Add dash of water to keep the bean mix moist and don’t let it try out.

To make the sauce, simply mix all the ingredients in the above order. Serve the bean mix on 2 slices of sourdough or rye bread and topped up with 1-1.5 tbsp of the sauce. Dig in! Let me know on Instagram with hashtag #eatandbloom how it went!