My Wellness Philosophy

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I believe in no-diet approach to food.

Our wellbeing is linked to what we eat and how we eat. Chosing healthy, balanced ingredients and knowing what’s on our plate can make a huge difference in how we are, function and engage with everything around us.

Our health journey starts before we even realize it – when we are in our mother’s womb. It’s important to look after yourself, eat well and feel at your best when you are pregnant. By doing so, you will notice huge benefits and give your baby a heathy, fair start. The old saying ‘eating for two’ has some truth in it after all!

Foods and recipes you’ll find here are vegetarian or vegan, but can be easily adapted if you’re a carnivore (I believe there’s no one perfect way of eating for everyone). The recipes call for natural ingredients and sweeteners and are often gluten free. I will share ideas and inspiration from some of my favorite food bloggers. I am not a recipe developer, but sometimes you may also see me posting some of my simple recipes that are on repeat in our home.


I believe that what we eat, how we live and how we feel is connected. It is important to know what nourishes us – both on our plate and beyond it.

Eating well, moving, selfcare, learning and living a balanced, mindful life all help us bloom. Shine, thrive and feel fulfilled. From inside out. As simple as that.

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  • WATER – we all know how important that is, but we often get to the end of the day and notice how dry we ‘feel’ (or spot our bright yellow pee ;)). I’ve always drunk a lot of water, aiming for around 3-4 liters per day. My tip here is starting your day with 0.5 L of water (ideally warm) — it will awake your body and digestive system and get things moving. Also, carrying your reusable water bottle will remind you of taking a sip. Water is the best form of hydration, but herbal teas are lovely to have on hand also.

  • START THE DAY RIGHT – you never appreciate a quiet start to the day or peaceful weekend morning until you have a child :). How you start and what you do upon waking sets the tone for the entire day. If quick intensions setting, meditation or physical activity seem hard to squeeze in, at least try not to look at your phone for the first hour of your day. No external influence will help you stay more mindful, content and give you extra focus to tackle the day ahead.

  • BALANCE AND NO-DIET – eat better, not less. Diets don’t usually work; or at least not long term. Try not to overthink it. Choose simple ingredients, whole and unprocessed foods where possible and make sure you have plenty of variety. The more healthy, colorful and wholesome your diet is, the less room there is for junk or processed foods (crowding out). Don’t get me wrong – in my world, there’s always room for a nice dessert, pizza night or a take away (I love Indian food!). But you got to find the balance and stay committed to your healthier lifestyle in a long run.

  • PANTRY UPGRADE – first rule: get rid of anything highly processed in your kitchen – if we look hard enough, there’s always a way to replace it with a homemade/ natural version. Also, stock up in good ingredients that combined can create an easy, quick meal. Think beans, veggies, tinned tomatoes, spices, oils, veggies and some sort of protein. I love having extras of everything we use on regular bases – legumes, nuts, quinoa, garlic, sweet potato or tinned tomatoes. My kitchen isn’t big, but I use all space to the max 🙂 If you can, buy in bulk – it will be good for your pocket, better for the environment and no excused that you run out of healthy ingredients to prep your meal.

  • MEAL PREP AND BATCH COOKING – as my family has grown over the last years, the time has become even more precious 🙂 Doubling the recipe makes extra portions you can freeze or use for lunches. Meal prep once a week can be helpful too. I don’t tend to spend hours meal prepping, but doing a few simple things like soaking oats for breakfast, roasting some vegetables, boiling a few eggs or cooking a few portions of rice or quinoa can do wonders.

  • MOVEMENT –  I want to stay strong and mobile for as long as possible, do you? It is critical that we keep on moving every single day. Whether it is a run, walk or a hardcore gym session – be active. Your bio-individual needs will determine what routine will fit you best. If I can’t carve out special time to work out I try to squeeze in some extra movement into my day, e.g. morning stretching, brisk walk instead of taking a bus, a short exercise routine at home or squats/ pushups while waiting for my kettle to boil.

  • SLEEP – sleep is an extremely important (and underrated) component of our wellbeing and should be your priority. Prolonged lack of sleep makes my body tired, brain foggy, affects my nutrition intake and gives me dry skin. Since becoming a mum, I do embrace the granny life most nights of the week and jump into bed before 10 pm. That usually gives me a good 7/8h sleep (if I am lucky and my kids sleep well) which sets me nicely for the next day.

  • ME-TIME – I am a strong believer that everyone needs to spend some time on their own every now and then to gather thoughts, be mindful and have a chance to really listen to what their body and soul are telling them. As an introvert, I need a regular me-time to recharge, stay focused and fill up ‘my bucket’. Whatever you choose to do, it is YOUR time. I often tend to read a book with a face mask on, let my mind wander, listen to a podcast, bake or watch a movie with a glass of wine in the evening.

  • SMALL STEPS – none of us has or will become some sort of green juice yoga practicing healthy eating balanced goddess overnight! 🙂 We often get stuck thinking that we must make huge changes to make a difference. And this can feel so discouraging and overwhelming! Things take practice and staying consistent and motivated is the key. Small changes encourage more change. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a workout, eat takeout or don’t have time to prep a home-cooked meal one week. Catch that healthy wagon again and stay on it. Small steps that are consistent over time are usually very powerful, as they build our healthier habits in a more sustainable way.