Food-Mood Diary Consultation

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what is it?

Do you get confused about what and when to eat? Do you feel sluggish or not yourself at certain times of the day? There’s a LOT of confusing nutrition information and guidelines out there and it can be overwhelming trying to understand which advice to follow. 

This session covers your 10 day food-mood diary while focusing on your eating habits. Documenting your food diary (unedited!) and sharing it with someone else can be a very powerful tool to trigger change. 

Based on your food-mood diary and a brief questionnaire, I will provide you with feedback and a few simple tips on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and diet. I will guide you towards small steps that will help you to transform your health and level up your wellbeing. 

what to expect?

+ you’ll be asked to complete a food-mood diary (template provided) and a health questionnaire

+ we’ll have 1 hour session together (via phone or in person) - we will discuss your diary, your concerns and health goals

+ you’ll receive feedback during the call, with some ideas on how to work towards your goals

+ written follow up notes will be sent to you

+ an exciting discount on any other programs will wait for you on completion of this consultation.

This is for you, if: 

+ you are looking for basic guidance regarding your current diet and eating habits

+ you would like to eat better to feel better, but are confused and unsure about where to start 

+ you think you eat well, but not seeing results you’d like

+ looking to get a few practical tips on healthier meals, nutrition or your wellbeing routine

+ you want to dip your toes in, as you aren’t ready for longer term commitment towards your wellness.