What is Health Coaching?



What is health coaching?

It’s about helping you to find your life balance and improve your wellbeing by creating and maintaining lasting changes in your life.  It’s about helping you to become your own health expert and learn to listen to your body and soul.
Wellness coaching is a process that creates healthy and lasting lifestyle changes to enhance your overall wellbeing. It’s done by identifying your values and priorities, challenging yourself to become a better healthier YOU and looking into areas of your life that might need improvements. It’s usually a lot of inner work involved and it certainly isn’t a quick fix!

I believe that most of us know what we should be doing to improve our health and prevent illnesses. We all know we should eat a diet full of plants and whole foods, exercise regularly, sleep better, avoid stress, cut back on caffeine…etc. Even though we all know those things, we may not be actually doing them. Here’s where health coaching comes in – it’s about keeping you accountable, supporting you along the way to creating a better lifestyle and healthier relationship with food. 

How do I know if health coaching is for me?

Health coaching is about helping you to become your own wellness expert. If you’re considering health coaching, take a few moments to think of the below points. 

+ you’re ready for a change and to embark on a health journey that will transform your life
+ you’re keen and ready to challenge yourself, your beliefs and fears
+ you want to invest in yourself to make long lasting shift towards a healthier you
+ you need guidance on how to make healthier choices that would be sustainable 
+ you’re curious and you aren’t interested in quick fix or ‘magic diets’
+ you need help to stay focused and learn how to listen to your body
+ you would like someone by your side who will hold you accountable when reaching your goals 
+ you are looking for someone who will inspire you to be the BEST YOU
+ you want some ideas on healthy meals and how to make home cooking fun and doable
+ you’re looking to understand the confusing nutrition information out there
+ you’re interested in guidance and ideas on wellness practices, selfcare routine and holistic living that suit your lifestyle and needs. 

**I hope that it helps you to find the answers you are looking for within you! But, please do contact me if you have any questions – I’m here to help.**

Meet your wellness coach

What can you expect from me as your health coach?

As your health coach, I will help you to navigate through confusing and conflicting information out there about nutrition and how to achieve healthier, happier living. I will help you to understand the know-how of holistic wellness and how to apply them to YOU as an individual.

I will also support you with identifying health and wellness areas that may be imbalanced and I will help you to understand what impact they have on your life holistically.

Together, we will look at various parts of your life (primary foods, e.g. lifestyle, career, relationships) and your nutrition (secondary foods). We will work to develop the right strategies for prevention and healing. I will also provide you with some great tools, recommendations and ideas to create long-term changes for your wellbeing.

Some of the things I will do as your wellness coach:
+ provide a safe and empowering space to identify life areas that you want to improve
+ help you to create wellness goals that are positive, inspiring and achievable (also, we’ll break down those goals into small steps, so that the transition to where you want to be, is as smooth as possible)
+ be there for you without judgment or lecturing 
+ look into your eating habits and identify your mindset around food – any blocks, limiting beliefs or habits that do not serve you
+ show you how to better listen to your body, find your balance in life and uncover a selfcare routine that suits you best
+ provide accountability and challenge your perspective (to help you step out of your comfort zone)
+ empower you to be the BEST YOU 
+ show you ways to eat healthier and to make home cooking tastier and easier
+ help you to discover your love for nourishing wholesome foods that will make you feel amazing and will help you to bloom.

How is a health coach different to a nutritionist or a dietician?

The role of a health coach is not to diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in your life. I guide and support the development of and progress towards my clients’ personal wellness goals.

+ health coach focuses on guiding you and finding the right answers on how to improve your diet and health within you
+ unlike dietician, health coach will not prescribe a specific diet to you but rather focus on low-risk changes you can make today to improve your overall wellbeing and promote healthy habits
+ health coach will often discuss several dietary theories and will focus on ‘bio-individual’ approach – all sessions and recommendations are tailored to your specific needs
+ health coach talks a lot about non-food forms of nourishment (secondary foods), which may include career, selfcare, physical activity, relationships, and other lifestyle factors in addition  to dietary habits
+ health coach will guide you to observe the body’s response to various lifestyle and dietary tweaks and to choose health-promoting steps that work for you individually.


I believe in bio-individuality. Every one of us is different – what works for one, might be not a great fit for others. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and it’s often the reason why quick fix diets do not work and aren’t sustainable. Thus, the so-called ‘bio-individual’ approach to wellness and personal tailored health coaching programs are vital. I will help you to establish your new healthy routine in line with your needs and preferences and I will keep you motivated to stick with it.

Often most of dietitians give their clients a list of foods to avoid (‘bad foods’) and prescribe a specific diet to follow and let them walk away without guidance, ongoing support or offering accountability. This can make things confusing, demotivating and often frustrating for the client. Also, it creates that ‘black and white’ approach to food, which for some individuals can lead to yoyo effect or binge eating occurrences. Part of my philosophy is ‘crowding out’ – by focusing on nourishing foods that are good and nutritious, you will have less appetite and room for unhealthy meals. By adding more healthy options into your menu, you will crowd out anything less nourishing. 

For more on my philosophy, values and approach to wellbeing, go here.

Health coaching for expecting mamas

Our bodies are incredible. Pre-pregnancy and antenatal months are such a special time in any women’s life. We are building a new life inside of our tummies – just that fact alone is mind-blowing!

Pregnancy is often the time when we want to feel healthy, happy and at our best to make sure our growing baby is nourished and looked after.

But, sadly, it is also the time when we feel unwell, nauseated and unmotivated. We experience random cravings that are hard to control or understand (hormones!); mood swings that aren’t a joke; swollen ankles and lack of sleep. Our bodies change. Our minds are busy. We get exhausted, emotional and simple everyday activities can be overwhelming. All this can result in poor diet, letting go of your selfcare routine, less physical activity and being less excited about that upcoming new chapter of your life.

I’ve navigated through my 2 healthy and beautiful pregnancies and would be honored to be your health coach during such a special time. I am a huge advocate for a healthy and positive pregnancy experience for all women. As your coach, I would support you throughout your pregnancy and help you to feel nourished, strong and ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. We would look into your diet, wellbeing routine and areas of your life that might need extra attention during the pregnancy months. I will guide you to stay on track of your wellness goals and to feel beautiful, glowing and strong.

Any questions?

I am approachable and love meeting and talking to people 🙂 I’m also passionate about what I do, food and wellbeing, so please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

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