Making Time to Cook


making time to cook

Time is the only ingredient missing from our cooking today

as Michael Pollan said.

Would you agree? Do you think you’d cook more/ better/ healthier if you’d have more time on your hands? ✨

I often hear people say they don’t have time for home cooking: too much fuss, too many ingredients, kids, work, ‘busy’, too much time spent shopping ... How busy are we actually during the day?⁣

And, let’s bring up the famous question... Do we HAVE the time or do we MAKE time?

They say that if something is a priority for you, you'll find the time for it. It can be hard - I know! - and it isn't always a smooth ride. During sessions with my clients, I also suggest that they ask themselves the following questions to help them explore the importance of prioritizing home cooking and healthy eating:

+ How important homemade meals are for you? ⁣

+ Is eating well your priority?⁣

+Do you like to know what you nourish your body with? ⁣

+ How can you find a block of time to do some batch cooking during the week? Or look out for pockets of time during each week?

+ Can you to commit to cooking 1-2 meals a week? That’s a great start .

Find Pockets of Time and Prioritize

I also sometimes frantically look for gaps in the day to prep something healthy and delicious. The city life, 2 young kids, it’s for sure not all rainbows and 3-course meals!

For me it’s a lot about being more organized, thinking ahead & prioritizing. Also, not worrying about too complicated or time-consuming meals when I'm under pressure or short of time - it's never a good idea! Think: soaked oats for your morning porridge (use this awesome mix!), bake a sweet potato in the evening, make easy tomato + olives + spinach pasta in 10 minutes, make a 5 min omlette for dinner if that's all the time you have. Plus, for me, I actually enjoy healthy cooking and knowing what me and my family eat!

Cooking Takes Time

yes! Yes, it often does! But so does checking your phone, manicures, bottomless brunches, Netflix or even ordering a takeaway meal. ⁣As yourself: is it my priority? If not, how can I move it up on the list?

I’m a believer in easy and quick ‘whatever I have in the fridge’ type of meals. Weeknights are all about swift nourishment, so don’t beat yourself up that you can’t make pasta bolognese or slow roasted chicken on a Tuesday.

What works for you? How can you make homemade meals your goal this week?

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