How to Start 2019 Differently


how to start 2019 differently

Do you set goals or resolutions for the New Year? 

How about doing something slightly different this year?

I’ve always been big on goals and wanting certain results and outcomes. When we set goals, we analyse everything and are being rational about the plan and step by step process to get to them. But, after setting a goal, things around us can change and priorities can shift - depending on your lifestyle and circumstances. Some things you can predict and some happen unexpectedly. Whichever way it is, it can make it harder to stick to our goals. 

What happens to the goals if we get side-tracked? If you won’t meet them, does it mean you’re a failure? A quitter? Can’t keep at it and stick to the promise, even the one made yourself? (-- yes, that inner critic is usually very vocal in scenarios like that one! --).

No one wants to feel like a failure because of a goal achieved only-half-way. Goals, resolutions… they can come, they can go or change. So,

How about setting intentions instead?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:



1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

The intention is simply aiming or planning, without specifying the step by step process on how to get where you want to be. We manifest the outcome we want and let the world around to show us the way towards the intention. 

Or according to Gary Zukav, the spiritual teacher that I admire,

Intention is the reason, the motivation, is the quality of counciousness, is the cause.”
— Gary Zukav

Setting intentions helps to focus our mind and prioritize important things in life. It allows us to have the aim and plan, without worrying about every step along the journey. It also has an element of trusting the universe, as we are ultimately letting go of control over the ‘getting there’ process. It can feel a bit scary or uncomfortable for some; or light and freeing for others. 

How do we set intentions?

There’s no one prescribed way to do it. But, there are a few tips which may be helpful during the process:

  1. Create a small ritual and get in ‘the zone’. Whatever works for you – do it in the morning with a nice cup of coffee or in the evening, with a glass of red in hand :) It helps to do something grounding beforehand, like breathing exercise, a walk, meditation or just a few minutes of stillness.

  2. Try to get your imagination flowing and follow your emotions. Try to notice your rational thoughts (they probably want to create a realistic goal), but gently move them aside. We want to focus on emotions and your connection with your body and heart.

  3. Choose affirmative language – instead of saying ‘I don’t…’, ‘I won’t be…’, choose a more positive phrase (e.g. ‘I will…’. ‘I do want to...’).

  4. Be specific and choose words or phrases that you feel connected with and aligned to.

  5. Revisit, read, repeat the intentions as often as you can. It helps to have them handy in your notebook, as a note or a photo of the scribbles on your phone.

Get in the flow

The following prompting questions might help to get you started on your intention setting ritual:

  • What are the most important values for you?

  • What makes you the happiest in life?

  • Is there anything you’d like to change?

  • What makes you feel fulfilled?

  • What makes you tick?

  • What story/think/belief you would want to let go off?

  • What are you grateful for?

  • What words or phrases resonate with you and you feel aligned with?

I looking forward to setting intentions for the next year and have some time blocked off in my calendar already. And You? What are your thoughts on intention setting? Does it make you feel more grounded or nervous?  

If you'd like some guidance or to chat about accountability and sticking to your intentions, feel free to contact me - I'm here and I'd love to hear from you!