Why to Eat Healthy When Pregnant


why to eat healthy When pregnant

You probably think that pregnancy it’s a time to rest 24/7 and eat what you so desire.

But, what you eat and how you feel while pregnant can help your child to stay healthy, avoid weight issues and illnesses.

So, why is eating healthy so important during pregnancy?

Firstly, we should be aware of our weight and fitness level before we become pregnant. How fit and healthy are you, to begin with? Do you struggle with extra few kilos or eating mostly take away and processed foods?

Bad diet or severe weight problems are more likely to lead to some issues during pregnancy – think gestational diabetes, gaining more weight than necessary or more.Also, we want to once for all remember that what happens in the womb, does NOT only stay in the womb :) A diet that is high in refined sugars and unhealthy fat, might often 'lead to baby’s higher risk of mental health disorders, increased response to stress or lower cognitive abilities'. [i]

Before I got pregnant with my first child (now, a lively 3-year-old girl), I considered myself fairly fit and well. My diet was varied and I tried to get my protein, veg, and fruit in. I also loved my wine and coffee and (almost) always gave in to my sweet tooth! But, when I became pregnant, I was scared about putting on too much weight and eating anything that was dimmed as ‘unhealthy’. I was terrified about gestational diabetes and remember the glucose test and the taste of that nasty drink until now. Pregnancy, somehow, made me feel more conscious and aware of how important it is to nourish our bodies. With this in mind…

Here’re my 5 top WHYs to remember:

  1. You are what you eat – or rather you are what your mum ate. whatever you put in your body, on some level becomes you. And also, your baby. Be mindful of what you eat and what products you cook with. This why always really resonated with me and I didn’t want to trash my body! When I was pregnant, I definitely allowed myself a treat or ice cream after dinner (oh yes!), but it wasn’t an everyday affair.

  2. Creating healthy habits – you got to start somewhere and pregnancy (if not earlier) is a perfect time. Healthy habits you create and live by during the 9 months’ journey, will hopefully stay with you postpartum. This also means, a better diet for your child, as you will be excited to cook for him and feed his growing body.

  3. Eat better, feel better – as simple as that. This was especially important to me during pregnancy. You can feel all sort of things during each trimester- from bloating, depression, extra energy to swollen ankles and mood swings. All in one day :) Knowing that I am eating good food and giving my body love and energy it needs, made it easier to fight off some of the weird symptoms. I knew that I am doing best I can, and that helped.

  4. Easier to get rid off the baby weight – when you are mindful of what you eat and follow basic nutrition guidelines, it is easier to manage your weight. This goes for anyone that is or isn’t Keeping your weight in check during pregnancy, will make it easier to shed off those extra pounds after delivery. That thought certainly kept me going!

  5. Giving your baby the best start – what we eat feeds our growing baby in the womb. During that time, I thought: would I rather give my baby nutrients from a tasty porridge and a wholesome veggie stew or from a bag of potato chips and an energy bar? Whatever you eat, needs to feed you and the baby so reach for wholesome meals and better snacks. Feel the power that you've got to be able to give the best nutrients to you and your offspring every day.

You do need to look after yourself and make sure you eat enough and eat healthy during pregnancy too, so it's not certainly all only about green juice and salads. What’s important is balance and taking small steps, to begin with. Just by trying to eat a better meal a day and banish some bad habits, you are one step closer to a healthier pregnancy.Hope you’ve enjoyed the read.

Feel free to share what you think below!

Ags x 

[i] What to Eat When Pregnant by Nicole Avena