Easier Way to Build Healthy Habits


Easier Way to build healthy Habits

What if we had a new easier way to build healthier habits?⁣

⁣⁣How do you think it would go? ⁣⁣
I’m a big believer that ‘small’ is the way to go. Big commitments, unrealistic ideas, not defined goals or our lack of awareness are the usual offenders when it comes to building new healthier behaviors. Would you agree?

How many times have you started something with a great intention just to see it fading away, ever so sneakily and quietly, after just a few tries? ⁣

Excuses Central

⁣‘It wasn’t for me’, ‘I’m crap at it’, ‘I’m a failure!’, ‘Can’t keep up, so may as well leave it for now’— sound familiar?

Yep, those are some common responses that our mind creates after we not succeed at a new habit. How stinky negative, right?! No wonder it can put us down and discourage from introducing anything new for a while! Have you had that happen to you? I sure did!

What if...

⁣What if we start small? Like, REALLY small. Step by step. Tiny baby feet steps, I say. Scale it down to the smallest possible chunk. ⁣⁣
Would that make you want to stick to the habit? Would it look more attractive/doable, simple/possible, encouraging/fun/, manageable? More ‘it's for me, I can do that’ type-of-thing?

If yes, what would be your idea for the smallest step you could take to start creating a new healthy habit? Click here to find out mine!

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