Simple Ways to Improve Wellbeing

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

(not what you might think)

Is mental health and wellbeing more important than physical health? Or is it another way around?

I sometimes wonder why can't it all be just 'health'.

Surely, during the week like this one (Mental Health Awareness Week) we will hear things and read articles that will tell us what to do in order to support our wellbeing and mental health. Most of the time, if you come across a good source, you’ll find a sea of great advice. But, as with nutrition and healthy eating, in addition to what we do a lot of the times it equally matters what we don’t do. So on those off days when I am not feeling 100% or when I’m struggling to top up my self care cup what helps me to be mentally stronger is to remember and execute those simple things.

Ways to improve wellbeing:

  • don't be beaten by things you can't control - yes, we're entitled to a little moan about crappy weather or get upset when someone in front of you just bought the last sourdough (yep, real drama), but don't let it ruin your day. Ask yourself: ‘can I control what’s happening right here?’ (hint: the only real things you can control is your thought and your reactions). If the answer is no, try to take a few deep breaths and/ or journal about it and move on.

  • don't focus on negatives and what you're missing have - it hits home when you put things into perspective. Why is it that we always appreciate what we have when we realize we could lose it or when we see other people having it and appreciating it more? I try this simple positive outlook exercise with my 4.5 yr daughter every day: ‘what were 2 things you really loved about today? what are you grateful for right now?’. It helps to bring her awareness to all she can do and have, not another way around (as far as 4 year old appreciation emotions go, of course ;-) )

  • don't ever comprise on your self-care - little everyday acts of kindness that say 'I like me, I matter, I got you' to yourself are crucial for survival (dramatic, I know, but hell, it's important). Do whatever it is and however small it is- size or scale really don;’t matter as much as the consistency and mindfulness around it. A slow cup of coffee with no phone, walk at lunch time, chat to a friend, diffusing your favorite essential oils or scrub in the shower all work. Remember: whatever fills your cup.

  • don't dwell on relationships that aren't evolving with you - 'your' real people and good friendships can be hard to come by, especially as we get older. Instead of trying to rescue or spend time with people that no longer bring value to your life, put your energy and thoughts into those that matter. You don’t need to ‘cut people off‘, but rather be mindful of the meaning of your relationships and channel your time and energy where you want it to be.

  • don't be scared to be alone -  it's often when magic happens and when you really get to know yourself and get to explore your thoughts, beliefs and what matters. It's a luxury in my world these days with 2 kids, so I've learnt to cherish it even more (always in progress though). When you short on time, try to create extra pockets of no-distraction-zone that will add up over a day or a week: for example, I stopped taking my phone when I do a school run to have some headspace when I walk home; or every morning I just sit for 5 minutes and either meditate, breathe or just sit and let myself be in silence.

Are there some things that you’d be willing to let go off or don't do to improve your (mental) wellbeing? Please let me know on Instagram.